James Wellbeloved

"We are dedicated to making pure natural foods because we believe that pets are healthiest and happiest on food made from pure, wholesome, natural ingredients."

James Wellbeloved Adult Dog Turkey

James Wellbeloved is a British pet food company run by animal lovers, started in 1992. The founding triumvirate of Christine Priest, Michael Newsum and Robin Jackson were aware that many dogs were suffering from food allergies and intolerances, caused by ingredients in the food that caring owners were giving their animals.  They determined to produce a natural, hypo-allergenic range of pet foods for all dogs and cats; that would especially take care of the ones with these intolerances.

James Wellbeloved Adult Dog Turkey Pouch

New: James Wellbeloved pouches, a complete wet food with the bonus of being hypo-allergenic. Ideal as a tasty topper to James Wellbeloved dry kibble. Available in Puppy and Adult ages, and in Turkey & Rice or Lamb & Rice.