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"made for people who care - by people who care"
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Naturediet Healthy Pet Foods is a British family run company formed 30 years ago. Their principle aim is to provide a high quality, holistic, healthy, palatable and natural dog food with absolutely no artificial additives, preservatives or colourings, in an appetising form that your pet will love to eat.

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The natural dog food and healthy pet foods we provide for our pets is critical to their well-being. The holistic approach is based on addressing the "whole" rather than just the symptom of a problem. A dog with a skin irritation may not entirely benefit by treating the skin, the problem may actually be due to a sensitivity to one or more of the many chemical additives, or unnatural ingredients used in many of today''s foods.

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Over the years Naturediet have received many letters, Internet enquiries and phone calls from customers whose dogs have had problems such as skin irritations, intestinal disorders, and certain behavioural traits. After changing to Naturediet natural dog food, many of these symptoms gradually disappear and owners with "fussy eaters" have seen their pet once again enjoy these healthy pet foods and natural dog food.

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